Several companies with single server

I have a several companies all running from a single server. We have Cisco routers with PRI Telco service for each company. From the FreePBX GUI I have created the SIP trunks for each PRI and the Inbound Routes to the properly match the DID to user EXTEN.
My issue is that when users make an outbound call, the outbound routes pattern match in order from top down. This means that the first router makes all the outbound calls so that company gets the bill.
All users dial a 7 prefix for the outbound line and I do not want to assign different prefixes for different companies
I was able to do this with the CLI version of asterisk but since I need more options then my CLI skill can do in the time frame I have I switch to FreePBX which I really like
Bottom line – how to assign a outbound route pattern to an extension or better method