Setup VLAN's for Voice

We have 2 VLAN’s for the network:

VLAN 30 (Data): Untagged
VLAN 20 (Voice): Tagged

If I am using option 66 to program the phones do I need to set up the PBX to first accept connections on VLAN30 in order to provision the phones and then have an additional eth port on VLAN20 accepting the voice traffic?

Is there any other way or is this the “correct” way.

Just giving it one bump to see if anyone knows. We are trying to resolve a major issues another company setup for our client.


I’m not sure how your network is designed, but what I did was just create a separate Voice VLAN with it’s own DHCP scope that hands out to the phones and the PBX has a static on the same subnet. My EPM template for the phones put’s the WAN port of the phone as tagged Voice VLAN, then the second phone port as my regular Data VLAN. Then I set each phone port on the switch to trunking, and now both voice and data traffic come through one switch port but traffic is already tagged and segregated. Does that help you at all?

So each port on your switch is set to trunked instead of individually tagged/untagged on the ports. I am assuming you have VLAN 1 as your data vlan and your voice something else?

i.e. your phones boot up on vlan 1 and reach out to the server over vlan 1, get their config and then reboot into WAN port vlan… 20 lets say and the PC port is 1?

So your PBX is connected to a trunked port on the switch which is getting both 1 and 20 but stripping the tag before handing off to the PBX? or no?

Sorry, holidays and a broken computer made me forget to respond.

  1. Correct.

  2. Correct.

  3. Incorrect. My PBX is on a Access port tagged with my VoIP VLAN 4. The phone’s WAN port is tagging itself as VLAN 4 and then allowing my PC port (VLAN 1) to be carried on the trunk as well., and then the switch is allowing the respective traffic to go where they want. In the case of VoIP traffic, it’s running over to the PBX locally. Or, if the phones are trying to provision, they go through the VLAN 4 subinterface on the router.

switch and phone vendor?

if you use cisco switch, enable CDP (cisco discovery protocolol) and set voice vlan.

A lot of phone vendor support CDP (yealink, grandstream with latest firmware etc)

When I have it setup correctly… (We setup LLDPMED and its working great!!) We have 2 VLAN’s and they both trunk into the LAN on the firewall side. Using Firewall rules we allow port 80 from our data VLAN (VLAN1) to our Voice VLAN (VLAN25) and I can access all the phones web interface perfect!!! But i cant ping them or anything else. By design working perfect!!!

However… we cant ping, web access or SSH into the PBXact unit on the VLAN. Either through the firewall or actually being ON the VLAN. We can access it with no issues on VLAN1. Is this normal? I have no firewall turned on in the PBX and I know its not my network because i have no issues controlling access to the phones. I am only using eth0 for my connection to the PBX.

Also after setting up the VLAN interface using the GUI i had to reboot the server for it to work at all. The phones connect to the server i just cant Ping, SSH, or Webaccess it.

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