Setup second NIC for SIP traffic on XO SIP Network


I have FreePBX setup and running with one NIC and IP using a SIP provider on the internet. Been running fine for a couple of months now. One has a public IP used for device registration and admin GUI. The other NIC needs to be on the XO SIP network. How can I setup and configure the second NIC to route SIP traffic to XO? Also, I would greatly appreciate any input from someone who has experience setting SIP registration with XO and FreePBX. We have a vendor provided Asterisk based PBX that is currently setup and running that way but we need to move away from them. Thanks in advance!

First of all you should not have the web server and all the other services exposed to the Internet unless you have taken precautions, including running a software firewall such as APF, Fail-2-ban, disabling all unneeded services etc.

As far as XO. The only way to do this is to get all of the destination IP’s of the XO softswitch and any media gateways that you will need to communicate with. The setup static routes for those subnets to use the XO router as gateway on second NIC.