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I am wondering if it is possible for trunks to forward to another freepbx. For example. I have site A,B,C,D and I want the phones to register with each sites local PBX, but forward all traffic to site A and out of Site A’s sip connection. I want to configure a our backup sip provider on each of the local PBX boxes so that if the connection at site A was to go down, each site would failover to the backup provider and could then run independently from each other. Is this even possible and is there maybe another solution to achieving something similar?

Sounds like a job for an SBC (Sangoma makes one) or Kamilio (SIC).

Yea, you can do this. Works just fine, dont really need anything special either.

As an example, PBXA can have SIP/IAX trunks between it and the other 3 (C,D & E) pbx systems.
Those systems primary outbound route would have Trunk “A” as the first one to use. If that fails/busy/max then you can have a second (or really as many as you can afford) or 3rd trunk in the list that point to another SIP/IAX trunk that will allow calls in and out. Could be a local PSTN or send it to PBXB or whatever.

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