Setup-pstn not found/installed?

I just installed the latest Trixbox with FreePBX 2.7.0 and I have a single TDM400 card with 2 FX0 and 1 FXS module. For some reason I dont have the “setup-pstn” script and nothing is found with just typing in “setup-”. Apparently I should see many “setup-” command, like below.

I have of course posted this to Trixbox forums also but dont expect a response…rarely get much help.

Anyone have any ideas?

And of course /usr/sbin and usr/local/sbin or in my path and there is nothing in /usr/local/sbin?

[pbxt ~]# setup-
setup-aastra setup-dhcp setup-linksys setup-pstn
setup-aastra-xml setup-grandstream setup-mail setup-samba
setup-cisco setup-hamachi setup-polycom setup-snom

The reason your question has not been answered is because something is corrupt in your install.

Posting about a trixbox issue in the FreePBX forum is not going to earn you any props either.