Setup hosted FreePBX to connect with external Sangoma S705 Extension

I have newly installed FreePBX 14 on a hosted server and created two extension numbers. I’m now trying to connect one Sangoma S705 phone from home to the server. I would like it to be secure and so I would like to use a VPN. I tried to set this up but apparently, I have something wrong. The phone receives the provisioning from the Endpoint Mgr and it shows VPN activated on the phone but the phone is not registering with the FreePBX server. I’m not sure if the problem is with some setting on the FreePBX server or with my firewall at home. I have searched for answers on google and here but so far the things I have tried don’t seem to work.

Any help, comment, suggestions, etc, would be greatly appreciated. I’ll be glad to reply with any additional information as far as current settings, etc.


Normally, I would tell you to not bother with a VPN and just switch the SIP registration to TLS and the RTP to SRTP, but the Sangoma phones do not have a setting for this in the EPM.

You would have to create a custom basefile to do it, as far as I know.

Edit, yeah no settings in EPM that I can see and the default basefile uses these variables.
If a someone can show us where __line1ServerPort__ and __transport__ are tied to in the EPM settings, you could easily just use normal encrypted RTP.

BTW, IMO, this is a huge security risk. the SIP credentials are sent UDP, not TLS. when the device registers.

Provisioning is encrypted (HTTPS), but not registration.

No the Sangoma phones fully support TLS and SRTP and nothing in EPM is needed. It detects what you have setup in the extension page and applies it to the device when it builds the config.

Except that my s500 is using UDP.

Does it only do TLS when you set the RTP to encrypted also?

TLS/SRTP with Sangoma S phones has been documented for years:

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