Setup guidance for endpoint manager

Hello Forum,
As a newbie to freepbx and endpoint manager I’d just like some pointers to get me started.
Reading the manual has helped greatly but I’m still a little fuzzy.

Freepbx and endpoint manager have been installed, SIP trunk configured, phone template created and configured the global settings. The phones are all discoverable using network scan in endpoint manager. The problem I’m having is adding an extension/user in endpoint manager / extension mapping…
As stupid as this may sound… Do I need to create a extension/user under the applications menu first and then assign that extension to a device in endpoint manager. As I’m trying to create a custom extension within the extension manager and have not created any other extensions/users.

Yes you need to create your extension in FreePBX first so you can map them to a device and template in End Point Manager

Thanks for the quick response…

Also, if you are using TFTP provisioning for the phones, you should set DHCP Option 66 to the IP of the Asterisk so the phones see the box without manual configuration - You can point them to it by hand, but option 66 is FAR easier and allows zero-touch config of a phone - Look at the box, assign the extension to the MAC address of the phone in EPM and then take and plug the phone in and with no changes whatsoever, the phone is updated and programmed to the extension.

Also, make sure that you get the current firmware for your phones (in EPM) and in the templates, assign the firmware to them.