Setup extensions but can't make external tests


We’re looking at replacing our old trixbox server with a newer server running FreePBX.

I’ve set up several test extensions and used endpoint manager to provision smoe test handsets, which appear to work nicely. However I can’t make any internal calls between handsets, you just hear an unobtainable beeping sound.

On other asterisk based systems we’ve tested (elastix for example) configuring the extensions is enough to get internal calls routing.

Do I need to do something else in freepbx to get internal calls working between test handsets?


What version of FreePBX? How was it installed (distro or by hand).

What endpoint manager? There are several for FreePBX, all third party.

Sounds like the SNOM’s are not really registered. Is the server and the phones on the same network?

It’s the stable distribution 1.816.210.58

Any ideas what this might be, or what we can do to get more info about the issue?

I asked you several questions you did not answer:

1 - Are the phones on the same network?
2 - How did you provision them?
3 - Are they registered with asterisk (sip show peers)>