Setup Cisco IP Phones with Device and User Feature

Need help setting up Cisco IP Phones with Device and User feature enabled. Here are the settings:

-Ubuntu 14.10
-Cisco 7965 Phones
-Devices and User feature is enabled and somewhat working

-Cisco 7965 is able to register with FreePBX using its device configuration
-Users can dynamically log in and out of these registered phones

  1. When users login, the line button still shows the “featureid” name assigned to the line used for device registration in SEPmac.cnf.xml file. It doesn’t change to the users’ name. How can we make sure that when users login to these registered phones, their own line buttons show up according to their own settings? For example, the line button 1 should change from DeviceName to UserName, and line button 2 should show Queue1 and show calls to this specific queue, and line button 3 should show RingGroup1 and calls to this RingGroup should come to this line button. Each user would have his/her own profile, and it should be populated according to their settings.
  2. When the 2nd, 3rd or 4th… call comes for an extension on line button 1, how can we setup the profile that additional calls ring on other available buttons instead of all showing up on the same line button?
  3. Also, is there a document or URL, which lists all valid SEPmac.cnf.xml settings along brief description? Hopefully, it should have list of all available featureids, and respective description.