Setup additional voicemail extensions for Digium D50 in EPM

I"m trying to setup a Digium D50 in EPM on FreePBX. The users voicemail works, but she needs access to 3 other voicemails. I set up the buttons as BLF and Value is *98extnum . But she says nothing happens when she presses the button? Whats the correct way to set up voicemail for multiple mailboxes?


Since this appears to be a new installation, have you reached out to the warranty service you bought when you bought the phones?

Also, if you search the forum, you should find several topics about how to set the various types of buttons on the phone to do what you are asking for.

There is also a Wiki out there somewhere that has information about programming the buttons and matching the hints to certain buttons on the phone.

That’s the best I can do for you since I don’t actually have any D50s. I do kn ow for a fact that the info is out there (or actually in here) because I’ve seen it go by, but I don’t remember any of the particulars, with the exception of BLF being the wrong kind of button for this…

Unless EPM’s writing it differently, specifically for the D50, it workedforme on a D65. shrug
I created a BLF button, I had it dial *98101 (just an example), and when pressing it, it verily dials *98101. If you’re using the literal *98extnum, then I’d question whether EPM handles that literal and turns it into anything for the phone. The phone itself will happily dial whatever URI it’s told to dial…

I was using the actual extension, eg, *98200 as a BLF And the customer reports that nothing happens when she pushes the button. This is not a new installation, just recently the vmail stopped working and so i switched to EPM since it now supports Digium. The wikis I came up with don’t have instructions for EPM.

Get a busy signal when dialing *98200 for voicemail…

I uninstalled bulkextensions and bulkdids and vmail now works. However, the user reports that the button does not light up to indicate a new voicemail. I had it set as BLF, which I assume is correct? Is there a way to add the other voicemail mailboxes to the users visual voicemail button?

The voicemail hard key is, in non-DPMA mode, mapped only to a URI that the phone dials when pressed. It can only be mapped to a single URI for dialing purposes.

Ok, I get that. But can’t I set up a button on the screen as restapp for voicemail and then assign the voicemailboxes to the secretary in user control panel, and then all the voicemailboxes added there show up in the visual voicemail app?

I don’t know, I’m sorry.

No that’s not how voicemail app works. The voicemail app can only work for the primary account 1 on each phone. UCP gas nothing to do with the voicemail app system.