Settings Revert on Asterisk Restart

I haven’t been able to really dig into this yet, but figured I’d post here to save the reinvention of the wheel. We are having a couple different issues with configurations reverting after restarts, etc. The first has to do with our dahdi configuration. Everytime I “Apply Config” in the Distro GUI, it recreates the system.conf file in the /etc/dahdi/ folder and nothing outbound/inbound works. So I have to copy a backup of the working config file into the folder and then run amportal restart to get routes/trunks to work properly. Which leads to the second issue… Everytime I restart asterisk, the phones (Polycom) must also be restarted in order for them to receive paging/intercom (Page Pro).

I assume it is a minor fix and as I said, I haven’t had a good chance to troubleshoot. I’m hoping someone knows off-hand what I need to be looking for. Thanks for any help that can be provided.


If you dont want the system.conf file to be overwritten then why did you install the dahdi configuration module and why did you enable it for writing? You can configure that file from within that module. If you dont want the file written then you shouldn’t have installed that module

Fair enough… When I first started installing this system, I was very new to freepbx. Initially everything I read said don’t use the module, and then found out that the module IS supported and part of Schmooze. So thats when I decided to use the module. At that time I was unable to figure out how to configure the file from the module to make everything work. Somehow I got it working (after several hours manually editing files, etc) and saved a back up of the file and have just used this workaround. But it sounds like if I can configure the file from the module properly, then it would solve the issue?? Or just uninstall the module?? Thanks for your input… Any thoughts on the intercom issue? Thanks again.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance…


If you are using the DAHDI module then you need to use the GUI to set ALL your settings otherwise FreePBX will revert them. If you dont want to use the module then uninstall it and setup your DAHDI configs by hand. You cant have it both way.s