Settings not saving in GUI after Upgrade/Update

I upgraded my PBX using the System Admin Module and this morning I find the phones not registering.

PBX Firmware:6.12.65-27
PBX Service Pack:
Asterisk 11
FreePBX 12.0.54

I check firewall, I check PBX, and I find that there are no PJSIP Drivers available. So I head to Advanced Settings and I see that under SIP Channel Driver : Chan_Sip is selected, when I select both, Save and Apply Settings it still displays chan_sip and not both as selected, saved, and applied. If I go to create an extension PJSIP is NOT Available as an option for an extension.

Any help is appreciated.

Asterisk 11 does not support pjsip

Understood, I have upgraded to Asterisk 13, still Extensions Module not storing dtls certificate.

Seems like a completely different and unrelated issue.

I was able to select a certificate on multiple extension prior to upgrading.

My point here is your original issue is completely unrelated to this new issue. EG you hijacked your own thread.

Adding a new certificate in the certificate manager changes it in the extension.

Essentially the extension is populating the first certificate in the list made by certificate manager.

Im not mad for hijacking myself. Are you?

I will open another Post. Please close this one.

No. But it becomes hard to follow a thread when you are jumping around on different issues.

Understood, I am making an updated/new thread. Thank You!

Understood, upgraded to Asterisk 13. Still, extension module not saving
correct certificate for extension.