Settings, Extensions, VoiceMail Boxes


What is the best way to move the Settings, Extensions, & Voice Mail Boxes to a New System

I have another COmputer I want to utilize - and I want to move these items over to the new system

What will be the best way to do this

Thank you

Assuming the other computer is also running FreePBX, update FreePBX to its latest version. Then back it up and move the backup file to another machine.

Go to you new machine and update FreePBX to its latest version, the same version that you updated the old machine to, and run a backup. This backup is run solely to create the proper backup folder on the hard drive.

Now copy the backup from the first machine to the newly created backup folder on the new machine. Go to the Backup/Restore module in FreePBX on the new machine and restore the file you just put there.

Your mileage may vary, but I have done this several times to convert old Trixboxes to PBX in a Flash.

I’ve done this many times.
One caveat - maybe it’s fixed now:
Sometimes voicemail doesn’t get set up correctly.
The easy fix is to go to each extension and click save then click reload at the top.