Setting Voicemail Language

Hi Everyone,

What is the procedure to set the voicemail language on a per extension basis? Pretty sure I missed something.

For a dummy extension, I set the language as ru through the Voicemail Admin GUI. If I look at the extension’s settings, I do see “language=ru|vmcontext=default” specified under Voicemail Options. Unfortunately, if I call the extension Asterisk logs and the audio indicate Allison is still being used as the default. Currently, there is no DID tied to the extension nor any routes, it’s being sent directly to voicemail.

/var/lib/asterisk/sounds/ru/* has all the audio files and is chowned to Asterisk.

If I use the Languages application and force Russian through the channel it seems to work, but otherwise no by default. Or was that the missing piece?

This is a standard installation using the FreePBX distro (5.211.65-14) / Asterisk 11.

Thanks in advance.