Setting Variables

Hi all,

I haven’t actually posted to this forum before but I’ve asked this question on 3 different mailing lists and on the IRC channel as well. Maybe I’m asking the wrong question ? :slight_smile:

All I’m trying to do is set some variables on incoming calls. The variables I’m specifically interested in setting are caller Id 3 and caller id 4. Does anyone know how to do this?

Ideally I would like caller id 3 to be set to the extension that the call is being to and I would like caller id 4 to be set to whatever is in ‘Fax Email’ in the FreePBX inbound routes screen.

Even more ideal would be only setting these if the inbound call is a fax. Is there anyone who could tell me what context to set these in? I’m using NVFax for fax detection and I’m not really sure where this goes.

Thanks a lot for any insight

Is this just impossible or somethign? how come NO one knows how to do th is?

I’ve asked this on asterisk-users, on asterisk-dev, on hylafax-users, on the trixbox forum and here and no one has been able to give me an answer on ANY forum

Am I asking the wrong question??