Setting variables used in User Manager emails

I am trying to figure out how to set the fully qualified domain name for usage in the emails sent to a new user on the PBX, or when a password is reset.

In the settings section of the app, it shows that is calls ${services} to output the normal information. The problem we are having is that it’s specifying the IP address (example and I need it to provide the FQDN value so it will say something like As we have a real certificate, if you access the URL provided and it’s just an IP address, then the web browser comes up bitching that the the site doesn’t match the certificate, and that your data isn’t private.

My first thought was the take and just replace the services variable with my own text, but if I do that, it loses the cookie that is used if a user selects a password reset. So removing the services variable is problematic. Now if there is a variable I can use just to get that cookie, then it would easy to craft my own text.

So in short my questions are, how can I get ${services} to show the FQDN, or how can I add the cookie for a reset into the users email, if I displace that variable and hardcode the text.

Any help would be most appreciated…

As a follow-up edit, where it says enter hostname, I have tried putting in the FQDN, and even with https:// in front of it, and still it seems to only send out an email with the IP address…

This is certainly able to be changed, but I forget where off the top of my head. I wil, try to remember to get this I. The morning and show you.

Sounds good, and thanks. As mentioned in my original posting, I see a section where is says if you don’t enter the hostname, then it will use the IP address. It seems like this should be the solution, but when I enter a hostname, it still puts the IP into the emails.

I find it hard to believe this isn’t something others have run into, but maybe it’s me and I am missing something. I guess shy of a solution, I will open a bug on it, as it really seems like filling in the hostname should resolve the issue…