Setting up the internal calls

Hello, guys.
I want to set up two features:

  1. Restrict internal calls for some pool of phones (for example 1001 cant ring to 1002 and 1002 cant ring to 1001 from 11pm to 7am, but they can call to external numbers all the time)
  2. Hangup calls that last more than two minutes for some pool of phones (1001 and 1002 can`t talk more than 2 timnues, 1003 can talk as long as he wants it)

The question is: can i do that without buying commercial modules or writing some custom extensions/contexts ?
Thank you

Not without custom context AFAIK.

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is there any guides how to setup context for it?

IMHO, technical solutions to social problems are usually not a good idea. If you block 1001->1002, they’ll call outside and back in. If you block that, they’ll use their mobiles.

Just tell them that this behavior is unacceptable, the system logs all their calls and if they keep it up there will be trouble.

Ok, but we still need the possibility to hangup calls that lasts more than two minutes for some pool of phones

I disagree, with this.

If all users would properly follow instructions, you wouldn’t need a Web Content Filter, Software Installation Restrictions etc. Unfortunately it’s not that way. A lot of users don’t think before doing something. If it’s easy, and the system let’s them. They will keep on calling the kitchen…

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