Setting up SLA like feature on Freepbx using pjsip

Hi All,

Trying to setup something like SLA on my Freepbx box, whereas i have a desk phone and a cordless setup using the same extension. I know out of the box sla itself is not supported but i was also reading a similar thing can be achieved using pjsip as it supports multiple logins on the same extension.

So i have set this up, a w56p yealink cordless as the primary setup through EPM, then i also setup a custom extension mapping through EPM for the t46g desk phone. Both phones auto provision through the EPM, both phones register, i can call out from either phone but when i call in only the primary extension rings.

Has anyone got any clues or how to make it work so both phones also ring in? I know i could use a ring group but i also want things like the blf to show either phone busy.


You need to use PJSIP for that. Chan SIP will only send the call to the last device that registered.

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it is using pjsip mate, setup a pjsip extension, both devices register to the same extension no problems, i can see 2 pjsip endpoints in the pjsip info, i can call out from either device no issues, incoming calls though only ring on one of the two devices.

was thinking is there a certain context required for incoming calls for pjsip?

i found the issue tony, under advanced settings in the pjsip extension thee is a max contacts setting that needs to be set as 2 or however many endpoints there is

That is correct. You also don’t need to create a custom extension in EPM for additional devices so delete that.