Setting up problems

First of all, I’m trying to set up FreePBX on a new server as our current system uses a Digium/Asterisk GUI which someone else had setup previously.

So far on this new CentOS 5.4 system, I’ve reinstalled AsteriskNow, had someone install the drivers for the Sangoma A200 card and have tried to setup FreePBX and attempted to upgrade to version 2.6 so that I can use the bulk extentions to help export/import into FreePBX.

Now when I try to “Apply Configuration Changes” on the FreePBX GUI which I can access from my workstation using its static IP address, I get the following message which I cannot seem to find any answers to fix this on neither google nor in the IRC chatroom:

Error: Did not receive valid response from server

I know my server can connect to the internet by using the wget linux command, but I’m completely stomped as to how or what I need to do to fix this without possibly re-installing AsteriskNow all over again.

Configure /etc/amportal.conf and /etc/asterisk/manager.conf so that FreePBX and Asterisk manager names and passwords match.


To change, modify /etc/amportal.conf

AMPMGRPASS=“new password”

and modify /etc/asterisk/manager.conf (both must match)
secret = =“new password”

Then you can use FreePBX-Administrator’s menu to add/modify administrator accounts