Setting up PJSIP trunks to work with Avaya session manager - no audio

I’m trying to set-up pjsip trunks for the first time in FreePBX 15 to connect to an Avaya session manager. When I make an inbound call to FreePBX I connect but I don’t have audio. I’ve confirmed the ports match and there aren’t any firewall issues as far as I can tell. If I use a chan sip trunk there are no audio issues. Has anyone worked with connecting PJSIP trunks to Avaya session manager? I’m guessing I’m missing something in the programming for the pjsip trunk or in the sip settings.

Sounds like an RTP problem.

  • You forwarded the RTP port range to your server?
  • You don’t have audio in any direction or just one way?
  • Are you using a Static IP or are you working with a Dynamic DNS service?

Could you post your PJSIP configuration and your General SIP configuration as well? You can remove sensitive information.

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