Setting up landline on mobile using Asterisk

I recently got a new broadband connection with a dlink DSL-2730U N150 wifi router. I also got a landline connection through the same line connected to my landline phone. I read at places the I can somehow use my android phone as my landline phone to send and receive calls using Asterisk. But everywhere I end up reading through documentation and watching videos with jargon terms thrown at me and I cant understand a word they are referring to. Every blog either refers to either enterprise extensions or googlevoice talk. Can anybody please help me or provide a link to step by step configuration of setting up Asterisk server on my linux machine so that I can use my Android as a landline phone to send and receive calls.

I have asterisk server setup on a machine using freepbx iso. There is a single line coming to my home from my broadband provider which is connected to a splitter…from the other end one wire goes into the landline phone and one into the wifi router. How do I proceed further regarding the same. Do I need some extra hardware or these devices would suffice. I wish to connect my android phone to my home wifi network and make incoming and outgoing calls using this android through my phone line.

My guess is that you have a DSL broadband connection (the line-splitter bit) , you can connect to the voice part with an ATA or a dahdi FXO card. To use your cell phone as a “landline” would require you to have bluetooth connection between your PBX server and your phone, a supported hardware bluetooth dongle and setup chan-dongle

Conversely, if you had a connection to your “landline” then you can easily call out from our cell-phone with your wifi connection and a soft-phone app on your cell-phone, zoiper for example.

Setting up googlevoice in Asterisk is a ‘movable feast’ as Google no longer endorse it and it might at their whim just go away any day now.

Unfortunately there is lots of jargon you will have to eventually understand to get the best out of Asterisk/FreePBX/Computers.