Setting up iptables in freepbx

HI all,

I have two nic card in my freepbx system(Latest version - 5.211.65-14) just installed it

eth0 is plugged into one network connection that I want to use just for my sip providers trunk.
i would like it to drop all connections except from

eth1 I want connect to my local lan for support and admin use. no voip traffic is this possible and how.

we just uses this as a conference bridge that lan lines call into

thanks for the help

This is a little bit more involved than what can be covered in a forum post. This is one of the reasons we created This Class

This may be a good start:

Remember to always have “non network based” access so you can fix what you break

In a nutshell you want to set your default gateway to ethernet1 and then do a static route to your SIP providers servers on ethernet0