Setting up Day / Night Service


We are completely new to Asterix (trialling Elastix 2.0.1 with FreePBX

Need assistance on setting up the Day / Night Service mode and would like to know who to allow the users to toggle the system between the 2 modes.

Hoping to start promoting linux based pbx solutions to our clients.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

Best Regards


It’s pretty simple…point the day condition to the desired location, then do the same for the night.


Where do we find these screens?

Can you give a step by step guide?

Can you recommend any good reading material for us?

Make sure you have the DAY/NIGHT module installed, then select it as you would any other module.


I can see a menu option for Time Group and Time Conditions.

I have attempted to set this up, but the system doesnt seem to be taking any notice of it??

Any guidance on this appreciated

Go to module administration and install the DAY/NIGHT module.