Setting up Cisco IP Phones 7940 to work in MY FreePBX system

Can anyone help me to set up and give me direction on how to set up the phones in my End Point Manager do I have TFTP Server running and then get my Cisco phones to load the file to config themselves, I have phones that were once used elsewhere and need to be reset and set to access my server and suck I have no idea what I am doing, I am used to doing all this in a Polycom IP phone

thank you

If you tell us what you have done and what is not working someone may be able to help you. Read the message you posted, the only thing you managed to communicate is that you are frustrated. No software versions, DHCP settings, TFTP logs etc.

The process in a nutshell.

1 - Copy firmware to /tftpboot
2 - Enable Phone profile in endpoint manager
3 - Setup advanced settings on phone, software version and IP address are critical
4 - Make sure option 66 and 150 point to the tftp server on your phone system
5 - Enable verbose logging on the tfttp server
6 - Factory reset the phone

Thats helps but, is the setting you are mentioning in a file or do i need to build it, and the /tftboot I am aware of that, so i need to then copy the firm ware to it? where that obtained and …oh wish I was more knowlegeable

You have to obtain the software from Cisco, it’s licensed. It’s floating in the wild, we are not going to help you obtain copyrighted software.

Your question is so hastily worded I don’t know how to answer.

You need to break down the steps I gave you and fill in the knowledge gaps.

Also be aware that if you google “cisco software” and the like all you are going to get is links to programs that install viruses on your PC or brick the phone.

If you buy an hour of support from FreePBX and list mention “scott” when you open the ticket I would be glad to walk you through the process of setting up your phone.

I am downloading from CISCO the firmware, did NOT ask for that,

I think the first part is to ensure that the tftp server is active as when i got to the end point manager via FreePBX control web GUI it says its that 'Configuration Directory is not writable!"

what should I do so this is remedied and i can then add config changes and profiles