Setting up a trunk to receive calls from AVOXI

Hi all.

I have used FreePBX for years and never had a problem but I really don’t know how to configure this trunk and I am sure it is easy to people who know so any help greatly appreciated.
I have purchased a number with AVOXI and then are forwarding the calls to my static IP address. There is no username or password and I have 3 IP addresses the call may come in from.

I have opened all three IP addresses through the router for 5060 and I have also set up the three IP addresses in the FreePBX Firewall as trusted.

I have the DNIS they are sending and the SIP signalling IP address.

I am sure it must be easy but I have always set up trunks with usernames, passwords and register strings so if someone can point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it.



Assuming a pjsip trunk, set Registration: None, Authentication: None, SIP Server: (Domain name or IP address where you send outgoing calls. If trunk is incoming only, use one of the 3 addresses they supplied.)
Set Match (Permit): (List the 3 IP addresses, separated by commas.)

For testing, set up an Any/Any Inbound Route pointing to an extension.

If incoming calls work, look at the DID number in the CDRs and set up your Inbound Routes accordingly.

If incoming calls fail but the attempts appear in the Asterisk log, post that.

If attempts do not appear in the log, report what shows up in sngrep.

If nothing in sngrep, calls are either blocked by your firewall or not set up correctly in AVOXI portal.

Good starting advice from @Stewart1. Note that you must config the provider to send calls to the PJSIP port on your PBX which may or may not be the default 5060. Obviously you also need appropriate NAT forwarding rules if there is a router/firewall in between.

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