Setting Up a Bilingual Phone Tree in FreePBX


I’ve just started using FreePBX as part of TrixBox v2.6.1 and would like to know if anyone has come up with a way to set up a bilingual phone tree in FreePBX.

My company is based in China where most phone systems at international companies first give clients a choice of using English or Chinese service before explaining the extensions or other options in each language separately.

It looks like this would involve setting up multi-level IVR trees in FreePBX. Does anyone know of a way to do this?



I would think the way to do this would be to set up an initial
2 selection tree. " For Chinese press 1…for English press 2"

You would set up 2 identical trees, one with the english translation, the other with the chinese.


Hi Bill,

Thanks for the prompt response. Please forgive my being a hopeless nube, but after setting up the initial two selection tree, am I then able to set up subsidiary trees to each of these selections (one for English and one for Chinese)? Can you point me to any information on how to link these trees, or am I just being a pointy-haired boss and missing something obvious?



You need to think backwards. Create the tree for one language, then the duplicate the tree for the other Language. Lastly create the initial tree where calls will come in to and they select the language they want. Reasoning is that once a IVR is created there is a selection in the IVR menu to go to other IVR menus (but does not exist until there are selections to pick). If you start with the initial one you don’t yet have options available to jump to.

Thanks fskrotzki – I will try making the new IVR this weekend and let you know how it goes.