Setting UCP SSL Port to restrict access to the admin panel but allow the UCP

I have sysadmin pro installed on my Freepbx distro and it is fully up-to-date. If I use System Admin/Port Management to set the UCP secure port, after submitting the changes, it resets to “Disabled”.

I would ideally like to disable general Internet access to the admin panel, but allow users to securely connect to the UCP panel. I thought that by enabling UCP in the responsive firewall and setting the admin panel to “local” only, then setting the UCP port would achieve this.

How do I go about this. Thanks in advance.

Was my question badly worded? Maybe I need to clarify the problem?

I would have thought that it would be a common requirement to disallow access to the FreePBX admin section but allow users secure access to the user control panel. As it stands, it appears that I cannot do this, because I cannot specify different ports. Is there a way to bind the UCP to a different IP address? If I can do this, it will offer a suitable solution.

That seems like a bug. I am guessing no-one responded because your original assumption is correct - and that’s exactly how I do it. UCP on 443, 80 is only for letsencrypt, everything else is in the local zone.

You might want to check for updates, you may have a buggy version of sysadmin.