Setting to make voicemail call you

I’ve done some searching, but I haven’t found how to do this. Does anyone know if it’s possible to have an extension rang periodically if it has voicemail waiting?


You’ll probably find this as a feature of the device, I’ve seen it on both IP phones and ATAs. I don’t have any experience of analogue handsets on ZAP interfaces.

I remember when we were first playing with Asterisk, the Polycom IP handsets we had periodically made a very annoying chirp when there was a new message waiting. This got turned off in the handset configuration quite quickly :-).

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The ATA has a light on it, but that isn’t helpful because it isn’t in sight. I was hoping for a system-wide setting. People are getting tired of leaving voicemails for us and not getting a call back for a week because we forget to check messages.

I think my Cisco 7970 in my office has an alert feature, but our main home voicemail is for the extension that serves our cordless phones.

If I could get the Cisco 7920s that I bought to use as our cordless phones working right, that might solve my problem, but that’s been a multi-year cruisade that has been just about as successful as the original cruisades. I can get them to call out (but only internally) or receive calls (only internally), but not both. That’s a long off-topic thread unto itself, though.


I guess email delivery isn’t an option in this case? You can notify via text message (as long as there is an email/SMS gateway for your carrier) too.

Barring that, someone did write some code to call out on voicemail, but that was a long time ago and I don’t think it works with recent versions. I’ll see if I can find a link if you’re interested, but it may take some tweaking.

If you find the dialing out thing, I’d be interested in looking at it to see how hard it would be to adapt.

I had forgotten about e-mail delivery. I tried quite a while back to make it work. For some reason, it doesn’t work, but that’s probably a relaying problem or something else that I can correct.


afaik there is no built in functionality to do that… you could do it by writing a daemon (or a script to run via cron) to monitor the mailbox on whatever interval you wish…

If it finds there is new voicemail it could use Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI) to establish the call for you.

Might make for a useful FreePBX module… I think it’d be do-able, just not sure if you can create cron entires automaticaly with modules.