Setting the outgoing trunk to be used for an extension

Dear experts,

I know FAX is old school, but I need to use it with a court of law.

As I mentioned in another post, I have 5 VOIP accounts with the same provider. So I defined 5 trunks, but basically for outgoing calls I use only one.

Incoming calls are routed to different extensions or ring groups as needed. That’s all fine with pjsip.

Now my question:

How can I define that a call originating from my internal FAX machine extension is using not the default trunk but one where I can optimize the settings for FAX over IP?


You can create an outbound route that points to your fax trunk and use the Caller ID field in the outbound route to allow only the fax extension to use it.


Thanks avayax,

tried that before and it didn’t work as expected until I realized that for the outbound CID I have to use the extension number.
Now it works as designed.


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