Setting some parameters manually for cisco templates in endpoint manager?


Have an interesting issue.
I have cisco (spa504G) and polycom (vvx 411) handsets on client site.
Endpoint manager is working and provisioning the handsets as expected.

There is one problem however. The cisco phones are defaulting to looking up SRV records on the domain . some people use skype for business here so these records are on the domain controller and the external DNS server… which leads to the phone being stuck in “checking DNS” after provisioning.

I have to manually log into the phone webinterface, set “use DNS SRV” to “No” manually. Which is inconvienient to say the least.

Is there any way to manually set/edit the template to prevent this, and indeed add any other parameters I might need set on the phones ?

Its going to be a major issue if the template has to change and this brings down the call centre agents in particular. I don’t particularly want to have to do this manually for each handset in any case.

Anyone achieved this somehow? Its not clear if this is doable , and if I look at the template files via CLI they have “don’t edit this manually” all over them.

thanks in advance

Anyone figure this out? I hate the DNS SRV problem. makes me want to ask for a refund!


Found a solution - edit the basefiles

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