Setting precedence / order for outgoing calls


Asterisk version 1.8.15
FreePBX version
Platform: CentOS 5.8
Hardware: Grandstream GXW1408 SIP FXO gateway, 3 POTS lines connected out of 8 ports available

So far everything is working just fine. I have one trunk defined to connect to the Grandstream FXO gateway.

When placing outgoing calls, it appears that the highest numbered available FXO gateway port is used, i.e. I have ports 1-3 connected to POTS lines, so outgoing calls are placed on the phone line connected to port 3 first, then 2 if 3 is in use, then 1 if 2 and 3 are in use. Any way to change this priority? If I wanted to use port 2 first, then 3, then 1, is there a way to do that?


How did you configure your 1408 to work with your freepbx. I’m trying to get it to serve trunks that i can use for incoming/outgoing calls but not sure of the correct configuration method.

I setup a sip trunk for each fxo port, then you can select the order in the outbound route.