Setting Phones to go to voice mail on COB of a Holiday

I have looked but without success as to the best way to write a script or a cron job or even a bash script so that the phone will automatically go to voice mail during the close of business before the holiday. Is there any way to be able to set this so I won’t have to do this manually every time a holiday comes around? I apologize if I posted this in the wrong area.

Look at time groups and time conditions.

Hi there…

Besides timeconditions/timegroups, which is an elegant way to do it…you may consider this below, since you’ve been trying scripting and what not…


Use device/user mode. Ensure device and users are the same**, example user 2000 is logged on device 2000 if possible (do not set them as fixed, instead use adhoc). Perform initial login for all users, i.e. all users are logged in using a script.

When its time to go off work.
Execute a dialplan to “log off” users.

Then when its time start work again
Execute a dialplan to “log on” users.

** If they are not the same, you need to write somewhere which user logged on to which device. Then read those values when logging them back in.