Setting Permissions causes boot to take 10 minutes plus

Hi all. Is there anything I can do about the “setting permissions” part of boot up? It takes a long time to complete. If for whatever reason I have to reboot the server it takes around 10 minutes to complete before Asterisk will start. Should it normally take this long?

What kind of server is this on. It should be 10 seconds.

It’s nothing special, just a spare desktop PC I had. A few years old, but good enough. It ran Win 7 no problem before I converted it to FreePBX.

Anyone have any ideas? Sorry hope you don’t mind me bumping this up.

Do you have a lot of recordings?

Recordings are what slows my boot up, which is why I copy the recordings off the PBX every night and put them onto an archive server.

Thanks for the responses. I don’t actually have any recordings, other than for my IVR. Never used call recording.

There is a setting file somewhere that talks to what you are checking and what you aren’t for permissions. Maybe @jfinstrom might be able to remind us which config file that is?

It’s in the wiki. Just search the wiki.

Thanks guys. I’ve found the wiki article which has helped me find out exactly which files are having their permissions set. It turns out it’s setting Asterisk as the owner of almost 60,000 files each boot. Is this normal? It seems a bit pointless doing it each time, as surely the ownerships aren’t being changed to anything else while the system is running, are they?

I can see that I can skip files by adding them to freepbx_chown.conf. 13,000 of the files are emoji images which I have no use for so I’m sure this would be a good place to start.

Yes it normal as to many users do commands as root and not the asterisk user with sudo and things break. Even manually updating modules from the CLI as root user breaks permissions so we always try and be safe and set everything back.

Its why we let you customize the fwconsole chown command and exclude things you dont want us to check.

Fair enough, makes sense.