Setting "Occupied Lines CW Busy" Working On FreePBX15 With PJSIP?

(Jdennis) #1

Under “Advanced Settings” there is an “Occupied Lines CW Busy” option. It’s described as

For extensions that have CW enabled, report unanswered CW calls as busy (resulting in busy voicemail greeting). If set to no, unanswered CW calls simply report as no-answer .

We have this turned on, despite that, when someone is on the phone, has call waiting enabled and another call comes in, but doesn’t answer it, it’s not playing the “busy” greeting.

Is anyone running FreePBX15 with Asterisk 16 and PJSip that can confirm this feature is working for them? I don’t know if it’s a setting or config on our end or if it’s some sort of bug.