Setting in Italian and some English

Setting in Italian and some English


I noticed on one of my PBX FreePBX 13 is missing a part in Italian while on the other is in place and do not understand why, are set equal … or so it seems …

The part that remained in English is the following:

When keying in the code to register the forced night message, the system responds correctly in Italian but then says “press 1” in English and do not understand why …

Does anyone have an idea

Thank you all

OK, it sounds that your problem is solely with the sound files…

Are you sure they are all installed on the server which talks in English?

Good luck and have a nice day!


We had a huge discussion about this a couple of months ago. Several of the “usual suspects” responded explaining how the system chooses language files.

The one thing we DO know you shouldn’t do is replace all of the default English files with your Italian ones. There are strategies in the system for making sure that the Italian files (if they exist) are used.

in fact …
in the end the only way is to add the files in their own language
the basic files provided with FreePBX are not complete for the intaliano I trofato a very satisfactory source here:

so almost everything becomes IT

Thank you all