Setting GNR Vivavox Ehiweb

I have a configuration problem with the GNR. I have a leader number (which is also username) who is like 0212345678 while the numbers I receive calls on are 02-3333333-3333353 range of 20 numbers.

When I receive calls, I cannot discriminate between passing numbers. From the asterisk logs I do not see the number called DID, but only the lead number 0212345678

If, on the other hand, I analyze the packets with wireshark, I see messages like:: sip: 0233333334 @ ip: 5060; user = phone …

I have already set in the configuration “extentions_custom.conf”

exten => 0212345678,1, Set (RDID = $ {SIP_HEADER (TO)})
exten => 0212345678, n, Set (RDID = $ {CUT (RDID,:, 2)})
exten => 0212345678, n, Set (RDID = $ {CUT (RDID, @, 1)})
exten => 0212345678, n, Goto (from-sip-external, $ {RDID}, 1)

while in the incoming routes Rule I have configured the incoming calls arriving on 0233333334 must go to extension 334

The incoming trunk is set as SIP. HELP? Configuration suggestions?

The outgoing calls are all regular and I go out the required number to Ehiweb

There is already a built in context for this use case. Just set your trunk contexts to:


and apply config. Nothing in extensions_custom.conf required.

Is it perfect. work very well. I lost a lot of time with customer service . (they are not able to understand the problem)
With your help I solved in 1 minute.
Thanks again

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