Setting for syslog server?


Do the phones have anyway to point to a syslog server? Can it be set by DHCP option 7?


They support it but we have not documented or exposed it yet. The phone does keep a local syslog that can be downloaded from the GUI of the phone.

If you go into the phone GUI and export the config you will see the pcodes for syslog server and you can go into End Point Manager Base File and add your syslog server to apply it to all your phones.

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Thanks, I’ll take a look.

I’ve found the settings and set them up for my syslog server. However, I’m not seeing any messages coming in. I’ve even set it to Debug level.

I noticed that these parameters are in the snmp section, so I set

<P8150 para="SNMPService.Enable">1</P8150>

That didn’t seem to help.

Does the phone send syslogs messages out via TCP or UDP?
I’m listening via UDP on my server.


This is now working.

I’m not sure what changed, but over the weekend I started getting syslog messages.

Perhaps the phone didn’t reboot when I updated it?