Setting Extensions to external phones

Currently having issues setting up extensions and provisioning the external phones.
The system setup is an external VPBX server from FreePBX
I have two phones here that I am trying to set extensions and provision
First phone is a Grandstream GXP2170 and the second one is an Unifi Executive.

Not sure if I am explaining this correctly as this is the first system I am setting up.


What are your issues?

Basically the phones have a dial tone and can call out. However my phones wont download/provision the config file to set them as an extension. I have a virtual FreePBX server hosted by cyberlynk, and the two phones are the Grandstream GXP2170 and Unifi Executive.


This is what I get when I go to the HTTP provisioning port. Shows no config files.

That’s normal, you won’t see a list of files. You can complete the URL with a known filename for further confirmation.

Thanks, glad to hear this page is normal then. How do I find the file name and path? Ive been making the config files via the web GUI.