Setting DAHDI pri descending on my Sangoma A101DE

Running latest disto version (today 01/14/14)
Originally I setup my card with the setup-sangoma script. Everything works great. I cannot find the option to change my outbound calls to descending (so they start on channel 23). My incoming calls go to channel 1. I see the option in trunks when I have the DAHDI module enabled, but when the DAHDI module is enabled my pri does not work (it screws everything up).

tldr: how to I configure my pri so outbound calls pick up channel 23 not channel 1?

Make and use g0 as another dahdi group, but it is generally unnecessary apart from aethetics perhaps as the channels used are negotiated within the D channel so “glare” a la POTS hunt groups is not a problem.

In the DAHDI trunk definition, it probably references the DAHDI channel as group, ‘g0’ (or some other integer). Change the g to upper case so the trunk is defined as ‘G0’.

Correction G0, you have already g0, no editing allowed for me :wink: you can also use R0 and r0 as “circular” groups.

Great! G0 did it. Thanks!

Not sure why my Google-fu could not come up with that answer.