Setting Caller ID lookup source default?

When adding a new extension to a PBX, you have the option to add the DID for the user in at that time, but though you can assign the number, and the name, the CID lookup defaults to none. On most systems that I deal with, we use CNAM, and have it configured into the system.

So as I see it, once you create the DID as part of the users extension, you then have to jump over to Inbound Routes, edit the DID, set the CID source, and save that change. Really defeats the purpose of being able to toss the DID in along with the extension.

So I am curious if there is anyway to set the default CID source, so it just uses it instead of none? Well that or a nice enhancement would be allowing the CID source to be set during the DID assignment process in the extensions menu…

This souns related to the sipstation module?

Nope, not at all, as most of our trunks are via other carriers. Maybe I didn’t explain it clearly enough, let me take another stab at it here.

OK, to start with, I go into CallerID lookup sources, and as I know it’s one that is in there you can setup, I define OpenCNAM as the source I would like to use.

Next I go into Extensions, and I tell it to add a SIP extension, and OK, let’s say I add 290 for the extension, now I go down further on the page to the Assigned DID/CID section, and I add a DID of say 443-323-1212 in that section as the new phone will have a DID assigned to it. I then save it, and click apply, and bingo I now have an extension 290, and sure enough an associated DID of 443-323-1212.

Now I take a call in on that new DID, sure enough it makes it to the extension, but I see no caller id info on the phone, so let’s go see why. Now I go over into the Inbound Routes and take a look at the DID, and take a look at that number. I see that the DID is assigned, but when I get down to the CID Lookup Source, I see it is now set to None. Sure I have OpenCNAM defined as a lookup source, but as the DID was added for the extension while it was being created, and there was no option to set the CID Lookup, the user gets no CID info.

Sure, as I just outlined, I know I can go over to Inbound Routes, and I can then edit the DID, and go in and select OpenCNAM, Save, and Apply, and it will then work fine. That is just a LOT of additional steps to select the CID Source. So my question was, as I know OpenCNAM is my CID Lookup source (I only have one defined), can I set this as my default lookup, so when I create that new extension, instead of having it default to None, it defaults to OpenCNAM?

As an alternative to that, also having the option when creating/editing an extension, in the DID/CID section, would it be possible to allow the selection of the CID Lookup source as well, so you don’t have to run back over to Inbound Routes, just to edit the just created DID to set the CID source.

When your adding a dozen or more phones into a PBX at a time (sometimes more), it’s a lot of extra running around to have to re-edit each DID to have it provide CID info to the phones. I just had a client pester me about this, so figured I would ask as I don’t know of any way to handle this currently unless I have missed something along the way on extension setup.

Hopefully that explains it a bit better… Thanks for the quick reply…

“extensions” have a limited understanding of what an “inbound route” is. Therefore it’d be pretty weird to assign a CID lookup source to an extension because what if you send the inbound route somewhere else and then send it to the extension…?

If I am creating a new SIP extension, or for that matter editing an old SIP extension, there is a section (image attached) that is just for entering a DID. If you enter your DID information in this screen, when you save the extension this info is saved as a valid inbound route.

In that section, you can see that you can set the description you want (usually a name), and the inbound DID number that can be called. Once that is done, bingo, you can now receive calls on the listed number.

If you go over to the inbound routes section now, you will see the number that you input in the above extensions page as a valid inbound DID number. OK, so now I open the inbound route for the number that was entered, and scroll down the page, and I see:

So when the DID was created in the extensions page, you can see by looking at the inbound route, the CID lookup source is set to “None”, this in most cases needs to be set to “OpenCNAM”.

So my question is, is there anyway to have this default to something other than None, if you add the DID in the extensions page along with the SIP extension? Or really for that matter is there anyway to set the system default to be something other than None, in this case OpenCNAM? I mean you can set tons of defaults in FPBX from Codecs, to nat, to sendrpid, to qualify, that all carry into areas like extensions, but we can’t set a default lookup source it seems.

Do this explain this any better? Always thought I did a fair job of asking/describing things, but I seem to not be doing well this time around…

Ah. I understand. There are no plans to add this to the extensions page. You can file a feature request if you’d like.