Setting call forward from polycom, gives acces to all extensions forward settings

Hi, I have a problem, on my free pbx. 2.6 with latest updates.
The problem is, when I use (*72) to forward calls on a polycom or Xlite, i get in to the voice menu hearing " please give your extension number" this gives me ability to forward calls of other extensions too, so lets say on same free pbx we have 20 extesnions, I’m 123, my colleg is 124, I’m dialing *72 on Xlite, I get the ext number request voice, if I type in the extension of my colleg 124, than I can forward all he’s calls, this is an security problem. Or at least a problem, because if somebody wants to forward he’s calls and by error types other guys extension, he will not forward he’s own calls, and will also make truble for other extension.
So can anybody tell me how to block it ?
Normaly on a SPA linksys phones by typing *72 I get menu on my display where I can put the phone number for the forwarding. but in Xlite I just get a voice asking to type the extension number.

please help.