Setting call divert from another extension

We have a client that wishes to set call divert for another extension using feature codes.

Example is like Manager A is working from a Hot Desk at site B
He arrives at site B, finds a desk, enters a feature code and “pulls” his calls to this new extension.
It’s the feature we’ve had forever with our Legacy PBX’s

Reading the FPBX Wiki, i’ve found the Call Divert section.

There is a table of codes for “another extension” which looks promising, but the example given is to dial *720
To my thinking, this will just forward the originating extension to destination “0”

Is there something i’m missing here ?
Is the feature available on FPBX 13/14 ?
Is there a better feature number to use ?



Look to the call forward codes in the “feature codes”

You are asking for hotdesking, which can be done using the commercial module Phone Apps on supported devices.

Thanks Lorne.

Looks like we would need End Point Manager as well.

Not exactly going to work for me anyway seeing the site uses Fanvil phones.

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