Setting call between extension and external number

Is there a way to realize such kind of scenario:

  1. Fpbx gets request via POST or some other communication way extension and external number.
  2. Fpbx calls extension
  3. When extension picks up call, announcement is played
  4. Then fpbx calls external number and set this number and extension together.

Sorry guys but i’m not expert at fpbx and i have to try to do this. Maybe there is some module or other pre-done solution. Any hints and tips are welcome.

What you want is doable, can be done with AMI and might be some other methods as well.

The question is what you are trying to accomplish?

Not sure if that is what you want, but with UCP you can click on a number, press originate, the PBX will call your extension, and then call that number.

You are most like going to need to build something. In my experience the call file concept is pretty straightforward. If you have no experience with Asterisk, it might be good to read:

Asterisk REST Interface:

Or you could create a call file that calls the number, then does whatever else you want when the call is answered:

Generally, a request to "automatically send calls to an agent, agent picks up and end user is called (or end user is called, when answered, agent is connected) is an outbound dialing campaign. So the agents don’t have to dial numbers manually. Some instances they click on a list/form that starts it and in others it is completely automatic, like a queue. When the agent finishes with a call, a new one is generated for that agent.

This is all 100% hand written/custom code. AMI or ARI will do the job but that is the basics. I’m sure this will have more to it. But this is all the Originate command.

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