SetCallerID destination for inbound route is shown as orphan "bad destination"

I have set up a SetCallerID destination that is in use by two incoming routes:

Nevertheless the Dashboard claims that this is a “bad destination”:


Everything is working fine, so this only looks like a false positive, but still, false positives are no good when you want to have a useful dashboard.

Any ideas appreciated :slight_smile:

It says that the Set CID object destination is not set.

What is it set to?

its set to a custom destination:

which - as the name says - sends incoming calls to the right extension based on from-did-direct:

and like I said, it all works as intended.

Don’t have access to the dashboard right now, but you might need to add a reference to the misc-dest so that the system “knows about” it.

Also, try shortening the name a little bit - I’ve seen errors where one of the components in the system was expecting a shorter reference.

thx, I’ll try to shorten them, but well, I like verbose labels :slight_smile:

I unfortunately don’t understand what you mean by “add a reference to the misc-dest”. How would I do that?

[update] I shortened the labels, but that didn’t change anything, so it has to be something different

There’s no Misc Destination here.

Seems to me: Inbound Route - Set CID - Custom Destination.

It’s probably a bug. Try re-creating the objects, and maybe use shorter descriptions as Dave suggested.

thx for your ideas, but unfortunately shortening the descriptions did not solve the issue.

So I guess I’ll file a bug report then.

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