Set voicemail extension name on ring group voicemail redirect

I have a ring group that consists of 3 analog lines that are shared within an office. The way I have set this up is to give the legacy extension to the ring group (3880), and then I gave each underlying extension a bogus number (000138803880, 000138803881, 000138803882) with CID forced to 3880. What I really want is voicemail on the ring group, but I haven’t seen how to setup a voicemail other than on an extension. So, I setup voicemail on the first extension (000138803880), and then set the ring group and the other two extensions to go to that voicemail box when there is no answer. The one down-side of this is that when the voicemail answers, it says:

“The person at extension 000138803880 is not available”

what I want it to say is:

“The person at extension 3880 is not available”

or even:

“The person at that extension is not available”

Is there a way to change the voicemail do this? Or perhaps I’m trying to hard and there’s and easier way to accomplish what I’m trying to do?

The problem is that you have not completely set up the voicemail on the primary extension. You need to log into the mailbox from a phone and change the voice prompts. This is a very basic Asterisk function.


Yes, you should set up the VM box completely but in addition here are some thoughts:

When I send a ring group to VM I first send it to an announcement (which could say "There is no one in the sales department available, for example) and then send the call to the desired extension’s VM with the “No Prompt” option. This allows the prompt to be different when the call arrives from the ring group as opposed to a call to the extension directly. Very often this is the desired behavior for a ring group.

Interesting. Okay, I can live with that. For the sake of completeness, let’s assume that I recorded a generic greeting that just simply said “That person is not available, please leave a message after the tone”. If I had such a greeting, is there a place that I could put it so that it would be used as the default for new extensions? Kind of like /etc/skel but for voicemail boxes?