Set up simple SSH Backup - config advice req


Building a new installation of RasPBX FreePBX to replace our current FreePBX
All working (apart from no dashboard) but I can’t get the Backup to work and I need that before moving this to production.

I have previously always used FTP backup of the configuration to a remote server. Not a warm instance, just a directory on another machine. On 14 I can no longer get the FTP to negotiate - and anyways felt it should now be SSH.

The SSH server is a Windows 10 box.
I have generated local and remote public/private rsa key pairs

The config in FreePBX asks two questions:
Key: (Location of ssh private key to be used when connecting to a host)
Path: (Path on remote server)

What goes where?
Key: Is this the location of the private key on the local FreePBX or the remote destination?
Local: /root/.ssh/id_rsa.
Remote: [email protected]:C:\Users\name/.ssh/id_rsa.

Path: Is this the remote folder/directory? In this format?
[email protected]:C:\Users\name/asterisk/Full14

Thanks for any guidance.

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