Set the VLAN for Polycom's through EndPoint Manager

Found this page and it works perfectly:

But how do I transfer this into Endpoint Manager? If I manually add this xml and reboot the phone, it comes up on the right VLAN and works fine - I just want to automate it and do not know how to properly encode this into basefile edit on Endpoint Manager:

vlan device.set="1"

I don’t understand what you are trying to do. The only way this could work is if the native (non-trunked) network on the trunk port is your voice network. The unprovisioned phone is always going to look for untagged packets for the provisioning server.

You can manually provision the VLAN ID in the phones interface. It will then join the tagged vlan ID (from a layer 2 perspective) and look for the provision service in that collision domain.

Actually it works very well - you have Option 66 on the Untagged VLAN pointing to the Asterisk box, the Polycom downloads it’s config, reboots and comes up on the Voice VLAN which ALSO has it’s Option 66 pointing to the Asterisk - The phone registers and you are good.

I am not trying to figure out how to make the networking work - I already did that - I am merely asking how to put a multi-part XML statement into the Basefiles - I know how to do it manually and it works, I just want to automate it.


Ok…I can answer on the endpoint manager. What I can tell you and I forgot to include in my answer is that we use LLDP with good results. The only time you would have to modify is if you want the PC port to untag a data vlan

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Well, that is not answering the question - I can’t use Link Layer Discovery Protocol because I am not in control of DHCP and the people that are in charge can barely get a VLAN defined.

This is not a weird setting - the XML settings for VLAN are already in the Yealink basefiles - it’s just not in the Polycom - it should be!

So I either need help entering manually, or it needs to be added into the BaseFile as an option that can be configured just like it can be on the Yealink!

LLDP is a layer 2 protocol, no DHCP needed, just ethernet. it will work on LAN’s both tagged and untagged.

Sorry - let me say that better - I am not in control of DHCP, the Switches, or the Routers - The “Geniuses” that are have been working on setting up the VLANS for about 2 months…really!

It’s already in the Yealink under Endpoint Manager and the Polycom’s support it - can’t anybody answer the actual question instead of trying to have me do something that I can’t control?

I just need the format for inputting the XML since it’s a multi-option setting.

All these alternatives are no alternative for me.

I don’t think you can in the Polycom. But for the definitive answer check the software admin guide for the version Polycom software

Changing in the XML is an awful idea. Even in phones that support it. The config server has to be in both the data and voice VLAN’s and the phones have to reboot to change the VLAN. It’s messy.

If you don’t have access to the L2 network I always recommend changing in the handset

GSnover did you ever figure out how to edit the polycom basefiles. I manually edited mine and it worked great but I also haven’t figured out how to incorporate the xml in to the endpoint manger basefiles. Just in case the other people in this thread wish to advise me about lldp and option 66. I don’t need that cant use it. I need for my polycom phones to set the vlan tag in the polycom config they ftp from the asterisk box. That config is created by endpoint manager

I know this is a bit old but can you show an example of how you were able to modify the base file so that it adds vlan info. I’m searching and want to make sure i do it right the first time.

I know this is a really old thread, but the subject is precisely what I’m looking to accomplish.

There are suggestions here to use LLDP and those are good.

In my situation I have phones connected in this sort of physical configuration -
Netgear switch -> wall jack -> unmaged 5-port switch -> phone

The reason for the unmanaged switch is the room has other devices needing network connectivity. And, the physical location of the phone makes it unwieldy to run two cables; (1) wall direct to phone and (2) from phone back to the switch.

Also, people tend to pick up and move their phones around randomly without notifying IT. Having the VLAN pushed via a config file seems the most resilient method for my needs.

I’ve successfully configured our Grandstream phones to pick up their VLAN config from the EPM basefile. I figured it would be possible to do the same with Polycom phones too.

After some research and testing the solution below seems to have worked in my environment:


In the EPM - Basefile - Polycom - model - MAC-Features …
Add the following:

file	features
section	device
param	dhcp
value	PARENT

file	features
section	device.dhcp
param	dhcpVlanDiscUseOpt
value	Disabled

file	features
section	device.dhcp
param	dhcpVlanDiscUseOpt.set
value	1

file	features
section	device
param	net
value	PARENT

file	features
param	vlanId
value	20

file	features
param	vlanId.set
value	1

In the example above I’m forcing the phones to VLAN 20. Adjust yours accordingly.

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