Set ring group to busy when one of the phones is busy

hi here,
in our freepbx we use ring groups with 3 to 4 extensions. It is a multi site solution, where the calls will be forwarded, when the ringgroup is unanswered.
Is it possible to forward calls to the other ringgroup if any of the phones is busy?
call 1 -> ring group -> one of the extensions accepts the call
call 2 -> ring group -> one of the extensions is already busy -> other ring group

Isn’t kind of the opposite of what ring groups are usually intended to do?

The more I try to figure out how I’d do it, the more confused I get.

To me - it sounds like you have three or four phone per person throughout your network, and if one of that person’s extensions are busy, you don’t want the rest to ring. If that’s the case, you could use the new User Control Panel to allow users to control as many phones as they might use. The Device/User mode might be something you want to look into.

If you only want one person in a group to be answering incoming calls (mostly outbound, for example) you might be able to do something like this with queues.

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maybe there’s an easier way but as a quick workaround id just set up extension monitoring on the phone for each ext in the group and ring time lets say 10 seconds or less. so if someone calls and the call gets picked up the users in the group will see an active call on their BLF so they shouldnt pick up the next call, once the ring time is up pick ring group 2 as no answer destination and rinse and repeat. cant use too many pick up groups with this dirty workaround because the overall ring time for the caller may end up being too long.