Set outgoing CID by number dialed?

We have an application that needs to change the outgoing CID based on the number that was called. We do this because we have a separate DID in every area-code where we do business (60 DID’s).

I noticed in 2.7 this appears to be one of the features (the ability to set outgoing CID based on outbound routes).

However, since we have so many, I was wondering if there is an easier method of doing this directly in the “custom config” files of 2.6?

Thank you in advance for any ideas,

…(update to the original question)…

To continue testing, I setup a FreePBX 2.7 build on another machine; however, it took me awhile to figure out the priorities were the numbers prefacing each number in the outbound list.

Once I had figured that out, I went looking in the SQL schema, to be able to make bulk-modifications. I realized that outbound routes are stored in the “extensions” table.

At this point, it looks like the easiest way to manage caller-ID mapping in bulk, will be to simply run inserts in that table. The trick is that it’s not a conventional/normalized method. There is one record that essentially amounts to the header/placeholder, then a number of records for the “detail” data (the number is equal to the number of dialplans * number of outgoing trunks).

Unless someone else knows of an easier route?