Set Languages for each extension

Hi everybody,

I want to customize the language of each sip extension.

I know that the place where i set the language is on sip.conf or zapata.conf, but this configuration is general for all the extensions.

For example:

sip extension 30, language=es
sip extension 40, language=en

Please, tell me the ideas


right now you can’t although I will probably be looking into the in the near future. In FreePBX you would actually not do it in the sip.conf files because depending on the setup, you may have different users with different language requirements using the same device.

Philippe Lindheimer - FreePBX Project Lead
http// - IRC #freepbx

I did a system where there were branch offices in different countries, but speakers of both languages in each country.

We put in the IVR an option to change language by using the custom-setlang,s,1as a menu item and then

in extensions_custom.conf

exten => s,1,Set(LANGUAGE()=jp)
exten => s,2,SetLanguage(jp)
exten => s,3,Goto(aa_4,s,1)

where aa_4 was the IVR again in the other language (japanese in this case). Once a caller chose japanese or english, the rest of the call was handled that way.

Point being, perhaps based on a DID or Ring Group or FollowMe you can use this trick to force the call into your desired language.